Sanford-Springvale Rotarians celebrated the happy ending of Queen Bee Barbara's year and ushered in President Danielle's new term.  At the "campout" we tried to find out if you could make Scouts into Rotarians or Rotarians into Scouts. We weren't able to answer the question, but we all had a great time trying to figure it out. The barbecue and s'mores were fantastic! Thank-you once again, Gina Sawtelle and Above and Beyond Catering for the great meal. 
Camp Rotary Changeover Skit Cast
Narrator - Keith Patterson
Paul Harris (Rotary founder) - Bob Ferguson
Lord Baden-Powell (Boy Scout founder) - Lawrence Furbish
Akela (den leader, aka Danielle) - Heather Matlosz
Cub Scout Bear - John Caramihalis
Cub Scout Tiger - John Tanguay
Cub Scout Wolf - Andy Orazio
Little Old Lady - Diane Gerry